Monday, May 2, 2011

What is this about?

A famous german quote says: "a good picture can say more than thousand words." This blog is for all the beautiful, horrible and interesting pictures that have touched me in some way. Some of them will be shot by myself and therefore kind of personal, while other pictures will be taken by strangers. Beside their effect on me the pictures shown here have no special theme: You might find images from the news, next to personal ones that won´t affect the world in anyway.It´s my aim to present at least one picture a day and to inform you about the background of it, too.

I´m sorry for all the miskakes i made (and will make) while writing this, but this blog is about improving my English writing skills, too.

I hope you enjoy reading (or better viewing) my blog and i promise that the next post will not be text only. If you like my work feel free to follow and comment.

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  1. Very nice idea, waiting for next post with a pic ;)