Tuesday, May 3, 2011

picture 2

This photo was taken by myself while visiting Berlin. Next to the "Potsdamer Platz" you can find this mark on the ground exactly where the Berlin Wall went along from 1961-1989. It was kind of touching to make an easy step over a  borderline that stopped people from fleeing from their country only 20 years ago.
It´s a good thing to see, that conflicts that seemed unsolveable were solved peacefully. We should keep in mind that we often can get rid of problems that seem insuperable by working together and that there are more possibilities than we usually think of.


  1. Agreed, all the wars and all the killing doesnt solve anything just brings more hatred.

  2. nice shoes! i've got the same pair lol

  3. That's a good bit of history you're standing on—it seems you understand that too.

    I look forward to more interesting pictures!

  4. I live there and this line goes through the whole city where the wall was. I cross the line daily several times at different spots when doing my things in the city as if nothing was there, Berlin people got so used to this that they often forget what was there just 20 years ago and what makes their city so special...

  5. i totally agree with mindph!
    I was there once ,too...