Saturday, May 7, 2011

picture 6

Just found this photo on (a fun site with a lot of good pics) and thought it was worth to share. I never did Bungee jumping but thought about it several times and this image gives a pretty good impression how it must feel to stand 50 above a river, ready to jump...

Friday, May 6, 2011

picture 5

A picture taken by myself in the desert of Marokko. I will never forget the landscape there because in the betweenf this huge hills you start to feel really small. My personal highlight in this picture is the Hotel-sign standing in the middle of nowhere.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

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picture 4

I know for some people this is just a car. Some might say that it isn´t really useful and with all the fuel it takes not good for our nature. I agree with the argument of these people, but i still think that a car like this can be a piece of art, a myth and a sign of inventive talent. The apperance and curves of this vehicel are very special and therefore this Lamborgini is my picture of the day.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

picture 3

After the last two meaningful pictures this one just shows a beautyful place on the planet we live on. I saved the picture a long time ago and don´t know by whom and where it was taken.  Anyway the wide landscape and the long street over the hills give me the desire to travel to see new places. Hopefully places like these will survive the negative influence the humanity has on our ecological system.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

picture 2

This photo was taken by myself while visiting Berlin. Next to the "Potsdamer Platz" you can find this mark on the ground exactly where the Berlin Wall went along from 1961-1989. It was kind of touching to make an easy step over a  borderline that stopped people from fleeing from their country only 20 years ago.
It´s a good thing to see, that conflicts that seemed unsolveable were solved peacefully. We should keep in mind that we often can get rid of problems that seem insuperable by working together and that there are more possibilities than we usually think of.

Monday, May 2, 2011

picture 1

On a day like this there are not mach possibilities for an important picture: 9.11 has touched everyone of us and the world a we knew it changed after the terroristic attacks. Beside two wars (Irak + Afghanistan) there were also a lot discussions about nuclear weapons, conspiracies, surveillance, security, religion and the future of the world.
It will be interesting to see in which way the death of Osama Bin Laden will affect us: There might be even more agression between Christians and islamic extremist, or the conflict might cool down a bit. The fast burial of his corpse could be the medium for a lot of conspiracy theories as long as there is no real proof that the armed force killed Bin Laden, beside the word of President Obama.

source: google image search

What is this about?

A famous german quote says: "a good picture can say more than thousand words." This blog is for all the beautiful, horrible and interesting pictures that have touched me in some way. Some of them will be shot by myself and therefore kind of personal, while other pictures will be taken by strangers. Beside their effect on me the pictures shown here have no special theme: You might find images from the news, next to personal ones that won´t affect the world in anyway.It´s my aim to present at least one picture a day and to inform you about the background of it, too.

I´m sorry for all the miskakes i made (and will make) while writing this, but this blog is about improving my English writing skills, too.

I hope you enjoy reading (or better viewing) my blog and i promise that the next post will not be text only. If you like my work feel free to follow and comment.