Monday, May 2, 2011

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On a day like this there are not mach possibilities for an important picture: 9.11 has touched everyone of us and the world a we knew it changed after the terroristic attacks. Beside two wars (Irak + Afghanistan) there were also a lot discussions about nuclear weapons, conspiracies, surveillance, security, religion and the future of the world.
It will be interesting to see in which way the death of Osama Bin Laden will affect us: There might be even more agression between Christians and islamic extremist, or the conflict might cool down a bit. The fast burial of his corpse could be the medium for a lot of conspiracy theories as long as there is no real proof that the armed force killed Bin Laden, beside the word of President Obama.

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  1. Yeah, I hope this doesn't bring more attacks against the US or Europe over this. I hope that the US starts bring troops home at this point so we can start working on our own economy. Anyways great post. Keep em coming.